Friday, 29 June 2012

Wet n Wild eyeshadow trio review

Hia Ladies so today I have a review on this little beauty my lovely friend Lauren sent me. I was so excited when I recieved this as living in Ireland Wet n Wild products arent available to me easily. I could order online but as I'm on a budget shipping costs can be some what of a bummer for me as they can be expensive. But any how, as I said I was delighted to get this and I am so thankful to Lauren for sending this to me.

Okay so getting to the review. My first impressions of this was how well its packaged for such an affordable product. Its plastic but its hard good quaility plastic and its very sturdy. Also as you can see from the second picture below, they give you instructions on where to put the colours (although I never follow these instructions I think its a nice touch).

It also comes with sponge applicators

The shadows themselves are beautiful and the pigmentation is really good for such an inexpensive product. I found that they showed up more vibrant when you use a primer, I used my Two Faced shadow insurance but any primer would do. Elf do a good one and its very inexpensive. I really love these shadows and I found them a tiny bit tough to blend out but I think thats only because I'm used to using my naked palettes so much and there shadows are extremely easy to blend. All in all I would for sure pick up more of these shadows. For anyone one a budget these are perfect. They have a wide range of colours and palettes and although I have only tried this Trio, I have heard from trusted beauty gurus that they are worth buying.

The top row of swatches is without a primer the row below is with a primer

So there you have it, thats my review on this pretty trio. I would highly recommend it. Thanks for reading and please let me know if there is any product you would like to see me review and I will try and do so :)

Love always,
                       Martina xxxx


  1. I have to be honest I bought this palette because of the name lol. I really like this palette but I don't think the black sparkle in the eyeshadow shows up really well on my eyes.
    Thanks for sharing doll.

    1. No it's not just your eyes! The black sparkle didn't show up on mine either! I knew there was something I forgot mention! Thanks for reminding me and reading! Xxx

  2. I've always wanted to try Wet n Wild eyeshadows, especially the Comfort Zone palette. Seems like the pigmentation is quite good for a relatively cheap product, I just wish the sparkle in the black were more visible :)

    1. Me too it's a pity it doesn't show up because it looks so beautiful. Try they do have some wet and wild products and the shipping is fair x