Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Collection (2000) Lasting perfection concealer

Hi everyone here my thought on the Collection lasting perfection concealer.

I would say this concealer has medium coverage but is buildable.

Long lasting:
Yes I find this extremely long lasting.

The packaging is the only thing that lets this concealer down, after a while the writing wears off and the tube gets really messy as every time you take the wand out of the tube some squirts out and it wastes a lot of the concealer.

Is it good for under eyes?
Yes I use this concealer under my mainly under my eyes and for concealing blemishes and spots.

Does it crease or set into fine lines?
Like all concealers it does crease/set into fine lines the best thing to do is set it with a light powder and it will stop that from happening as much. (I really like the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder)

Will it cause a breakout/bad reaction?
I haven't noticed any problems with this concealer and I have sensitive skin.

Do you recommend this product?
Yes if your looking for a cheap, long lasting concealer this is the one for you.

What shades does it come in?
This concealer is available in fair, light, medium and dark. Fair is very pale and is perfect for those very pale girls like me.

Where can I buy this?
You get this at boots or boots online store for those in the uk. For those in America you could try the boots website or ebay.

6.99 euro

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Esteé Lauder double wear foundation Review

Estee Lauder double wear foundation Review:

Product review:

I would say the coverage of this foundation is medium to full coverage, depending on how you apply it. I apply it with my elf studio powder brush and I get full coverage results. If applied with a damp sponge you can sheer it out to a more medium coverage.

The foundation comes in a small frosted glass bottle with a gold metal lid. I actually like the packaging of this but be careful not to drop in on tiles because the glass is quite thick and it could crack tiles. Its happened to me lol.

This foundation costs €34 it is a little bit pricey but worth the money in my opinion.

This foundation does have a strong smell it smells like MAC foundations. But the smell doesnt stay on your face once applied.

Does it transfer?
No I havent found this to transfer or rub on to my clothes like with most foundations if  I am putting on a jumper and have my makeup already on it transfers with this foundation I dont get that.

Is it long lasting?
Yes this foundation is extremely longlasting it doesnt budge even when your sweating.

What skin types do you recommend this for?
I would recommend this foundation for oily/combination skin types. If you have very dry skin I wouldn't try this as I have dry/comination skin and sometimes I find if I am drier than usual it clings to those patches.I just moisturize with a thick moisturizer and it's fine. If your very dry I wouldnt recommend this as it will set into those dry patches.

What finish does it leave on the skin:
This foundation leaves a matt finish to the skin but not super matt there is still some sheen to it.

Colour range?
This foundation has a good colour range, I have mine in shade Shell. And sadly because I resemble Casper the friendly ghost it is a good two shades darker than my skin. But what I am trying to do is get my hands on Illamasqua's white foundation so I can lighten it along with other foundations that are too dark so maybe if you have the same problem you could try that.

Is it difficult to remove?
Yes but like all full coverage or medium long lasting foundations it is difficult to remove. I use a facial wipe to remove the biggest amount of it and then I wash my face using a face wash with some beads in it, so that it removes all the makeup the wipe pushed into the skin out of my pores.

Will it cause breakouts?
I have very sesitive skin and I havent noticed any breakouts. Although I find it does irritate under my eyes. So I just don't apply it there, I just use my Collection 2000 concealer. 

Will it cover acne/blemishes?
Yes it is perfect for covering acne and other problems on the skin.

What's it like to remove?
Due to the fact this is a long lasting foundation it is more difficult to remove completely. I just use a baby wipe to remove the most amount of product then I use a face wash with beads just to make sure it removes every trace from my skin. Or use a regular face wash with a muslin cloth.

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection

There are four brush in this collection, the pointed foundation brush, buffing brush, detailer brush and the contour brush. The brushes come in a black panoramic 2-in-1 case + stand.

To start the review off I am going to talk about the pointed foundation brush. This brush just like all the other real technique brush is super soft and has Taklon bristles. The brush itself in my opinion is just not big enough for applying foundation brush as it would take way to long to apply. I have tried it with foundation and it applied it beautifully but it just is to time consuming for me. I would recommend this brush for concealing large areas. Here are some pictures of the brush itself and a side by side of the brush next to a regular size foundation brush (the brush used to show the difference in size is the No7 foundation brush if your wondering)

The second brush I am going to talk about is the buffing brush. This is actually my favourite brush from the collection. Its super soft and has Taklon bristles. It has just the right amount of density for applying bronzer and buffing in foundation. Here are some pictures:

The third brush in the collection I am going to talk about is the contour brush. This brush just like the others is super soft and has Taklon bristles. This brush is perfect for getting into the hallows of your cheeks when contouring also I like this brush for applying blush to the apples of the cheeks or to highlight my cheek bones. This brush is a great brush to have in your makeup bag as its multifunctional. Here are some pictures:

The last brush in the collection is the detailer brush. Its also super soft and has Taklon bristles. This brush is great for spot concealing or for using to apply lip products. Here are some pictures:

The brushes also come in a 2-in-1 case + stand. I really like this case as its sturdy and fits perfectly in my bag and there is also room for some more brushes should I need them. Here are some pictures of the brushes in the case/stand:

I would recommend this brush set as its perfect for on the go or just having at home on your dressing table. I have used these brushes not stop since I have got them. They have not shed on me which I am delighted about because I hate brushes that shed. They wash really well and dry over night. So all in all I give this set a thumbs up and recommend you try it out.

Other information:

Price: €30.49

Where you can buy:

In Ireland most Boots stores stock them or you can buy online by going to the Real Techniques website and it gives a list of online stores that carry them.



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