Saturday, 4 August 2012

Gosh Lip Liner Review

Hia Ladies, today's post is about my all time favourite lip liner, Gosh's Velvet Touch lip liner in Nougat Crisp! I am obsessed with the product. Its amazing! Its the  most creamiest lip liner I have ever used, it applies like a dream. It doesn't tug my lips like most liners do. It is is so pigmented. Once applied it will stay on for hours even after eating and drinking or even kissing ;)

Another thing I love about this lip liner is that it does not move or spread outside the lip line. I find that sometimes lipsticks and lip liners tend to move a little and spread but this doesn't!

The colour Nougat Crisp is just a shade or two darker than my natural lips. Which I love because If I am looking to make my lips look really full I will apply it to the outsides of my lips ans add some gloss but if I am looking to simply make my lips look better I will apply this all over my lips and leave it like that and it gives my lips that your lips but better look.

I can't recommend this lip liner enough, they do other shades too which I am for sure going to get my hands on them. If you haven't noticed I am huge fan of Gosh products. I think if you haven't checked them out you should as their so affordable and amazing quality and highly pigmented.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Gosh Bronzer Review

Hello Ladies, today I have another post on a new purchase of mine that I have quickly falling in love with, its the Gosh bronzer in shade 02 Natural Glow. I have been looking for a long time for a bronzer that will suit my pale skin and not look like I just slapped muck on my face or look orange on me. But the hunt is now over, thanks to my beautiful friend Shelly aka Shellx85x on Youtube! She was doing her July favourites and she mentioned this amazing bronzer and I am so thankful she did! Although I'm paler than Shelly it work perfect on my skin!

This bronzer is perfect for us paler girls who are looking for a nice matt bronzer too contour with or just to warm up your face! I apply this is the hollows of my cheeks, my temples and top of my forehead just to create a shadow and make my forehead look shorter and my cheek bones stand out. I also like to apply some under neath my chin to create a shadow and hide my double chin and it works wonderful and looks so natural. Its highly pigmented and a little goes along way. It also only costs 13.99 which in my opinion is cheap and well worth the money.

I have tried all sorts of bronzers from chemist/drugstore to high end I have never found one to suit my skin as well as they has. Most of the others made me look orange or muddy and nobody wants to look like that! I would highly recommend this bronzer specially to all those pale ladies like me!

I would also like to suggest that you check out my amazing friend Shelly's Youtube channel. She does beauty videos and pregnancy videos! Shes beautiful inside and out and you will love her instantly like I did!

Shelly's Youtube:

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Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades Review

Hia Ladies so I wanted to share with you something that I have been obsessed with for almost a year. Its the Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades in Way To Glow. I picked this up in my local Boots months back. I didn't have high hopes for it being that it was so cheap but everything was on 3 for 2 so I bought it, & I'm so glad I did. This has become an everyday necessity for me, I just cant be without it!

Shade: Way To Glow

These pictures really don't show the true beauty of this product! This can be used as a highlighter or a blush. I use this just as a highlighter! I take a little bit of the creamy shade on my Real Techniques contour brush and apply it to my cheek bones, down my nose and a little on the chin because I am so pale it just looks beautiful on the skin. If I'm looking for a warmer glow I just swirl my brush around all shades and apply it to my cheeks and it give me a beautiful warm glow. I think this product is amazing and it goes a long way. I have been using the same one of I bought almost a year ago and I have only now started to hit pan. I will for certain be repurchasing this and I recommend you all give it a try!

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Clinique All about the eyes eye cream

So a few months back I mentioned in a haul post that I had bought the Clinique all about the eyes eye cream. I bought it in hope that it would sort out my terrible fine lines under my eyes. As I had read many mixed reviews I was sceptical when buying it, but I said sure I might as well buy and try instead of always wondering if it would work. I have to admit it was more the price that bothered me. I was trying to justify spending the thirty four euro this costs on an eye cream. I think its a bit steep for an eye cream but then Clinique are a very trusted high end brand. Anyway so I will tell you what Clinique claims this eye cream does:

''Clinique's All About Eyes moisture-rich formula diminishes the look of under eye circles, shadows, puffs and fine lines immediately and over time. Helps boost natural collagen production. De-puffs with calming botanicals. Even strengthens skin's moisture barrier against common irritants.''

Now getting to my thoughts on this product! As I said above I bought this in hope it would reduce my fine lines. Sadly it did not reduce them but in the time I have been using it I have not got any new fine lines, and of that I'm thankful. I know its the cream that has insured I have not got anymore as I have not changed anything else in my life. I still get the same amount of sleep, I drink the same amount of water and eat the same foods.

Another thing I have enjoyed alot with this cream is it leave under my eyes feeling so hydrated and smooth and the darkness is less noticeable compared to when I wasn't using it. Also I find my concealer doesn't crease or set into lines as bad as it does without using this underneath it.

So all in all I would recommend this eye cream if you are looking for any eye cream to help with darkness and to keep away fine lines. Or maybe to just keep under your eyes hydrated and smooth.

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