My Bird

This is Blue. She's a Quaker parrot. Shes eight months old. Shes the latest edition to our family. I adore her shes my baby girl. She's a very clever little bird with a cheeky attitude just like her mama lol. Her favourite song is Jailhouse Rock by Elvis. She will dance to it all day. She loves to be talked to and she love to talk back. Here are a list of words/phrases she says:
-Hi Blue
-Bum bum (She says this while singing along to Elvis-Jailhouse Rock)
-Bye bye Baby

We have her less than three months and shes already stolen my heart. She came to us a quiet bird and now with a forever home shes really come out of her shell and has her own cute personality.
So now you have met the last member of my family. Check back for more updates on her!

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