Monday, 14 October 2013

Two Faced Shadow Insurance Versus Urban Decay Primer Potion

Hello ladies, how are you? I hope your well. Today I'm going to be a product face off you could say. I'm going to be telling you my thoughts on Two faced's Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Okay so let's get started! 
Urban Decay Primer Potion (New Packaging)

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Old Packaging)

So lets start off with Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Now I love Urban Decay Shadows their all I really use but this eye primer just didn't do it for me. It seemed very thick and has a dry formula. When I applied it I found it left my eyelids looking dry and it really wasn't nice look at all. However I do have dry skin so that could be the reason. I don't have oily lids at all but on someone with oily lids I think this would be amazing. It did make my eye shadow last and stop it from creasing but it made my eye shadow look very dry and flaky. Another thing to note is they have changed the packaging which I am so happy about. Their old packaging was nice to look at, but the wand wasn't my cuppa tea. I love the new squeeze tube and I think you get more product out compared to the old packaging plus its more hygienic. I wouldn't repurchase this again but I would recommend it if you have oily lids and find your eye makeup slides around or just doesn't last.

Two Faced Shadow Insurance

Now onto Two faced Shadow Insurance, this is my go to primer. I love it. It does exactly what it says, it stops my shadow creasing. My eye shadow lasts all day and looks just as vibrant when I'm taking it off as it did when I first applied it. Its a silicone primer which feels nice on my eyelids unlike the UD Primer Potion which sets matt and leaves my lids feeling tight and uncomfortable. I have tried this on my friend who has oily skin and it worked just as good on her as it did on me. I would really recommend this if you on the hunt for a good eye shadow primer.

So that's it ladies thank you for reading! Give me your thoughts on how I can improve my blog? Cheers and take care!!

        Martina xx


Monday, 7 October 2013

Simple Skincare Review

I have been trying out some Simple product the last month and I have to say I'm impressed. People were always recommending I try them because I have sensitive skin and their products eliminate anything that will irritate your skin. Down below I have giving my thoughts on each product.

Firstly I picked up the Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash gel. It is a clear gel and has a slight tea tree scent to it but is bearly noticeable. A little of this goes a long way. It lathers really well for a soap free product and it doesn't burn my eyes or irritate my skin. It left my skin feeling super clean and soft as a babies bottom. It wasn't drying at all. I highly recommend this if you have sensitive skin. It only costs €4.99, what a bargain!

The second product I picked up was the Simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser (wow what a mouthful). This is a white cream that's not too thick it resembles the texture of E45 face cream. I really enjoyed this moisturiser. It left my skin hydrated all day and it gives a lovely healthy glow to bare skin. I also love this under my makeup as I have used Oilatum for a long time but I found that later in the day it was making my foundation look oily but with this that doesn't happen. It left my skin feeling baby soft. It doesn't have a scent and did not irritate my skin. I bought this at Boots for €4.89.

 The last product I picked up was the Simple Repair Anti-Wrinkle eye cream. I don't have wrinkles yet but I do have some really annoying fine lines from lack of sleep. So I thought I would get the Anti-Wrinkle eye cream to try prevent more. However they do have a normal eye cream and they also have a soothing eye roll on. This eye cream however has a light cream coloured cream. It hydrates under the eyes really well. As for my fine lines I have noticed no difference but then again I have only being using it for a month. I find my concealer applies better with this underneath. Overall I really like this eye cream. It hydrates well and that all I want it to do. As well as having sensitive skin I have sensitive eyes and a lot of eye creams sting my eyes or make my eyes water, this did not do that. A little goes along way so you will get your moneys worth from one tube. I bought this for €12.29 at Boots.

Over all I would recommend you try Simple out. They have a wide range of skincare products for all ages. I for sure will be trying more of their products.

Thanks for reading :) xx