My Little Doggie

This is my little baby Toby he's a Yorkie. He is four years old. He's a real Mommy's boy. I would be lost without him, I don't know what I would do if anything were to ever happen to him. I never knew how strong a person's love for their pet could be until this little furry guy came into my life. Toby loves going for his 'walkies' but he hates 'wishy washies'. His favourite treats are Markies and Liver cushions. He is very clever and can almost talk ha. Here a few pictures of him.

As you can see Toby likes to keep up with youtube videos as I do ;)

He also loves to sleep.......

And doesnt like to be disturbed lol

Watching the ducks in the park as you tell from his expression hes very interested!

This is the face he gives me when he wants another treat. How could anyone say no to that face?

He has many facial expressions! As you can tell from above! The one on the top right is when I said the W word (walkies) his ears go up straight away and he will run around the place then goes to the door and waits for me to put his lead on. the bottom too are of him begging for treats lol.

And as you can tell from these pictures he loves his comfort and he really loves napping! Also in the picture on the top left is him wrapped around his favourite teddy Mr Squiggles! Which happens to be a baby blue lamb! He loves this teddy!

So there you go now you have met my little fur ball :) Thanks for reading xx