Friday, 3 August 2012

Gosh Bronzer Review

Hello Ladies, today I have another post on a new purchase of mine that I have quickly falling in love with, its the Gosh bronzer in shade 02 Natural Glow. I have been looking for a long time for a bronzer that will suit my pale skin and not look like I just slapped muck on my face or look orange on me. But the hunt is now over, thanks to my beautiful friend Shelly aka Shellx85x on Youtube! She was doing her July favourites and she mentioned this amazing bronzer and I am so thankful she did! Although I'm paler than Shelly it work perfect on my skin!

This bronzer is perfect for us paler girls who are looking for a nice matt bronzer too contour with or just to warm up your face! I apply this is the hollows of my cheeks, my temples and top of my forehead just to create a shadow and make my forehead look shorter and my cheek bones stand out. I also like to apply some under neath my chin to create a shadow and hide my double chin and it works wonderful and looks so natural. Its highly pigmented and a little goes along way. It also only costs 13.99 which in my opinion is cheap and well worth the money.

I have tried all sorts of bronzers from chemist/drugstore to high end I have never found one to suit my skin as well as they has. Most of the others made me look orange or muddy and nobody wants to look like that! I would highly recommend this bronzer specially to all those pale ladies like me!

I would also like to suggest that you check out my amazing friend Shelly's Youtube channel. She does beauty videos and pregnancy videos! Shes beautiful inside and out and you will love her instantly like I did!

Shelly's Youtube:

Thanks again for reading I appreciate your support so much. Lots of love, Martina xxx


  1. Great review. I love matte bronzers.

    1. Thank you beautiful me too! Thanks for always reading my blog it means the world to me! I shall have to read yours now that I've more time on my hands I get to read a lot more! Xxxxx