Monday, 21 May 2012

Updated: How I prep my skin for dry/comination skin for foundation

Hi Ladies so as you can tell from the title I have dry/cominbation skin which is sensitive. Here is how I prep it before I apply my foundation: 

-First I wet my skin and then I take my Simple Kind to skin facial wash gel and massage it in and rince and pat dry with a clean towel.

-Secondly I apply my moisturizer I use Simples Rich Moisturizier. It moisturizes well and doesn't irritate my skin. I use this all over my face apart from on my eye lids and under my eyes. For my eyes and under eyes I use the Simple Anti Wrinkle eye cream. I dab it on my eyelids and up to the brow bone and under my eyes. (I use anti wrinkle just to prevent aging)

-Thirdly I apply my primer, I switch between two. I either use my Gosh primer or my No7 colour calming primer if my redness is bad. I apply my primer all around my face apart for my eye lids but I do apply it under my eyes. Then on my eyelids I will either use my Two Faced shadow insurance or my Urban Decay primer potion although I prefer the Two faced shadow insurance.

So there you have it how I prep my skin for foundation. I find that Simple is a great band if you suffer from sensitive skin. Its gentle but works, also its affordable.

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Take care,
                     Martina x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Updated L'oreal infallible foundation Review

Hia ladies so today I am going to review the L'oreal infallible foundation. First off I just wanted to let you know that their are two L'oreal infallible foundations. One with a pump and one with a brush which you twist to get the product out from the brush. Also the shades between the two infallible foundations vary so if you are currently using one and want to try the other make sure you swatch it as when I was buying mine I noticed that the one with the brush in 15 poreclain was a good shade darker than the one with the pump in shade 15 porcelain. Also the one with the brush I believe has 24hr lasting power and the one with the pump has 16hr lasting power. Anyway onto the review!

For those of you ladies with super pale skin like me you will love this foundation. Its by far the palest foundation I have ever found in the Drugstore/Chemist that wasn't too pink. I found the coverage to be on the medium side but it is buildable.

Skin Types/SPF:
L'oreal suggest that this foundation is for all skin types. I can only speak for myself and I have dry skin. This worked ok for me. It didn't cling to my dry patches however it does make my pores stand out. This foundation also has an SPF of 15 so beware of that if your getting your pictures taking or you may get that white cast look

I found this foundation easy to blend for the most part but if you need to add coverage on certain areas I would suggest dabbing it on with a flat top kabuki as it tends to wipe off the layer underneath otherwise.

I found this to have a semi Matt finish it left a little bit of a dewy look to the skin but nothing to worry about if you have oily skin I think if you set it with a powder it would be fine. The only thing I really dislike about the finish of this foundation is that it made my pores super noticeable.

Does it last up to 16hrs?
I certainly wouldn't say this would last 16 hrs unless you can spend hours not touching your face or eating. It transfers terribly and that's even after I set it with powder. Once you touch your face it moves. Which is really annoying! It also transfers on to clothes so I would go hugging anybody LOL.

Would I recommend this foundation:
Personally I wouldn't recommend this foundation at all. The first time I applied it I thought it was nice but I had only used it at night just to go to the cinema, then I decided one day to wear it during the day and my pores looked terrible. It transferred onto my fiances clothes when I hugged him (he was impressed lol).

How much does it cost and where can I get it?
You can get this foundation in any boots and most chemists it costs 18 euro and 19 cent.

Pictures below:

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any questions you have as a comment or tweet me at @martina_moylan have a good day :) xxx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Maxfactor Xperience Foundation.

What the product claims to do:

This foundation claims to give luxurious coverage with a weightless feel. Suitable for sensitive skin. Won't clog pores. Oil free.

My thoughts:

I have to say I'm not a huge fan of maxfactor products I used to wear the Maxfactor Panstick for years when I was a teenager because it was cheap, didnt break me out and it was creamy and didnt stick to my dry patches. But over time I figured out that they panstick was actually drying my skin out. So thats why I was a bit weary of trying this foundation. But what made me give it a chance was the colour. Its the first foundation that I have ever found to be almost the same shade as my pale skin. Ive tried loads of companies including M.A.C I couldnt find a foundation pale enough for me not even the NW15 or the NC15. This however actually is only a tad bit dark for me it's slightly pink toned and I prefer a more neutral toned foundation. So going back to the subject. I love this foundation. It have medium to buildable coverage, it covers my redness but my spots still show through a bit but I just apply some concealer and it makes my skin look so flawless. It feel a bit odd on the skin because as it stays true to being weighless. It feels like their isnt anything on your face. Also its long wearing, doesnt stick to my dry patches. I have combination skin, I have dry cheeks, forhead, chin but my t-zone tends to get oily. I didnt notice any shine at the end of the day, but maybe that was because I powdered. I would reccommend this for all skin types. Its amazing and I think you would love it too. I wouldn't recommend this foundation if you do not like pink toned foundations or you have yellow toned skin.