Saturday, 4 August 2012

Gosh Lip Liner Review

Hia Ladies, today's post is about my all time favourite lip liner, Gosh's Velvet Touch lip liner in Nougat Crisp! I am obsessed with the product. Its amazing! Its the  most creamiest lip liner I have ever used, it applies like a dream. It doesn't tug my lips like most liners do. It is is so pigmented. Once applied it will stay on for hours even after eating and drinking or even kissing ;)

Another thing I love about this lip liner is that it does not move or spread outside the lip line. I find that sometimes lipsticks and lip liners tend to move a little and spread but this doesn't!

The colour Nougat Crisp is just a shade or two darker than my natural lips. Which I love because If I am looking to make my lips look really full I will apply it to the outsides of my lips ans add some gloss but if I am looking to simply make my lips look better I will apply this all over my lips and leave it like that and it gives my lips that your lips but better look.

I can't recommend this lip liner enough, they do other shades too which I am for sure going to get my hands on them. If you haven't noticed I am huge fan of Gosh products. I think if you haven't checked them out you should as their so affordable and amazing quality and highly pigmented.

So that's it all for today, thank you so much for reading.
Have a great day wherever you are,
Lots of love, Martina xx


  1. Sounds like a lip liner I'm after. I love your blog, I've just come across it. I'm from Ireland too and your new follower. x

    1. Thank you so much for reading and following! It means the world to me. I will check out your blog too! Good old Ireland we Irish blogger need to stick together ;) xx