Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection

There are four brush in this collection, the pointed foundation brush, buffing brush, detailer brush and the contour brush. The brushes come in a black panoramic 2-in-1 case + stand.

To start the review off I am going to talk about the pointed foundation brush. This brush just like all the other real technique brush is super soft and has Taklon bristles. The brush itself in my opinion is just not big enough for applying foundation brush as it would take way to long to apply. I have tried it with foundation and it applied it beautifully but it just is to time consuming for me. I would recommend this brush for concealing large areas. Here are some pictures of the brush itself and a side by side of the brush next to a regular size foundation brush (the brush used to show the difference in size is the No7 foundation brush if your wondering)

The second brush I am going to talk about is the buffing brush. This is actually my favourite brush from the collection. Its super soft and has Taklon bristles. It has just the right amount of density for applying bronzer and buffing in foundation. Here are some pictures:

The third brush in the collection I am going to talk about is the contour brush. This brush just like the others is super soft and has Taklon bristles. This brush is perfect for getting into the hallows of your cheeks when contouring also I like this brush for applying blush to the apples of the cheeks or to highlight my cheek bones. This brush is a great brush to have in your makeup bag as its multifunctional. Here are some pictures:

The last brush in the collection is the detailer brush. Its also super soft and has Taklon bristles. This brush is great for spot concealing or for using to apply lip products. Here are some pictures:

The brushes also come in a 2-in-1 case + stand. I really like this case as its sturdy and fits perfectly in my bag and there is also room for some more brushes should I need them. Here are some pictures of the brushes in the case/stand:

I would recommend this brush set as its perfect for on the go or just having at home on your dressing table. I have used these brushes not stop since I have got them. They have not shed on me which I am delighted about because I hate brushes that shed. They wash really well and dry over night. So all in all I give this set a thumbs up and recommend you try it out.

Other information:

Price: €30.49

Where you can buy:

In Ireland most Boots stores stock them or you can buy online by going to the Real Techniques website and it gives a list of online stores that carry them.



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  1. I have 2 brushes...well 3 now after getting my Naked pallet. I have an Avon eyeshadow brush that iv had for about 5 years and and Avon compact blusher brush....defo need to get some more :P

  2. These brushes are great but if you haven't got the money Eco tools are a good alternative and are great quality and last years.bi have an Eco tool blush brush foundation brush bronzed brush and eyeshadow brush Id say five years now and their still in perfect condition xox