Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Collection (2000) Lasting perfection concealer

Hi everyone here my thought on the Collection lasting perfection concealer.

I would say this concealer has medium coverage but is buildable.

Long lasting:
Yes I find this extremely long lasting.

The packaging is the only thing that lets this concealer down, after a while the writing wears off and the tube gets really messy as every time you take the wand out of the tube some squirts out and it wastes a lot of the concealer.

Is it good for under eyes?
Yes I use this concealer under my mainly under my eyes and for concealing blemishes and spots.

Does it crease or set into fine lines?
Like all concealers it does crease/set into fine lines the best thing to do is set it with a light powder and it will stop that from happening as much. (I really like the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder)

Will it cause a breakout/bad reaction?
I haven't noticed any problems with this concealer and I have sensitive skin.

Do you recommend this product?
Yes if your looking for a cheap, long lasting concealer this is the one for you.

What shades does it come in?
This concealer is available in fair, light, medium and dark. Fair is very pale and is perfect for those very pale girls like me.

Where can I buy this?
You get this at boots or boots online store for those in the uk. For those in America you could try the boots website or ebay.

6.99 euro

Thank you for reading, if you need to know anymore on this product feel free to ask. Just leave a comment and I will get back to you or you can follow me on twitter @martina_moylan.

Have a great day wherever you are!!

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