Friday, 22 June 2012

My Soap and Glory must haves and Review!!

Hia Ladies, today I just wanted to share with you all products I've been loving from Soap and Glory and that I highly recommend. First off I just want to mention the packaging, I think it's so beautiful and I love how it's all pink and girly. I also love the cute names the create for their products! I'm in love with three S & G products since Xmas. My fiancées sister bought me the S & G Xmas case which came with a load of their products in a cute pink bag! Which is reusable and I store all my skin care products in it. Okay to start of the review! Oh and this blog post will be picture heavy.

The first product I could not live without is the righteous butter. It's a body butter and it smells amazing like all the other soap and glory products. I found this to be extremely moisturising and it's a nice thick cream which I like as although it takes longer to rub in it moisturises my skin extremely well and I have very dry skin so I was quite impressed. This cream to me is very luxurious and I will 100% be repurchasing it. I am not sure how much it is as I got it as a set but I've had mine since Xmas and still have some left which is very good for me plus you get a huge 300ml pot. (All pictures are at the end of this blog post)

The next soap and glory product I've been in love with is the Heel Genius foot cream. It come in a 125ml tube. The product itself has a green tint to it and smells a tad bit minty but still has some of the well know soap and glory scent. This foot cream has done wonders for my feet. It has left my feet feeling baby soft and my heels are no longer dry or hard now their soft and smooth. This is also a thickish cream and a little goes a long way. I also have the same tube from Xmas time and I use it at least twice a week. I will need to get more soon but it's now a staple In my skin care routine.

The third product I've been loving is the hand food hand cream from soap and glory. I've tried loads of hand creams and have never liked one until I came across this. All the others were sticky and I hate that in a hand cream. But this one dries into your hands beautifully and leave them feeling silky soft. The hand cream comes in a 125ml tube and I've had this one since Xmas and its still not half way through the tube a little goes a long way with this as it has a nice not to thick not to watery consistency. This also has that well know soap and glory scent that I love.

So their you have it my must have soap and glory products! I still haven't got through all of the ones from Xmas so there might me more soap and glory products I need to let you guys know about when I do. One thing is for sure I'm very impressed with all these products and I am very interested in trying their cosmetics and facial skincare. Thanks for reading and please scroll down to view some pictures of the products mentioned! X


As you can see the righteous Butter is a thick cream and will deeply moisturize 

This picture is of the Heel Genius foot cream, as you can see it has a slight green tint to it. It smells a little minty but nothing to strong but still has a hint of that soap and glory scent. This cream leaves your feet feeling soft and silky and fresh! And a little goes a long way!!!!


Your hands will feel silky smooth and soft and feel deeply moisturized with this cream.

So there you have it thats the end of my review! Let me know if you have tried any other soap and glory products that you think I may enjoy! Hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading :)

love always,
                    Martina xxx


  1. I love Righteous Butter and Hand Food, I've never tried Heel Genius though, sounds good!

    1. Yeah it's really good :) watch out in boots for deals and pick it up then x

  2. I love hand food I use it for the gorgeous smell alone x

  3. I would be interested in trying out their foot cream. My feet need some TLC!

    1. Try it, and get Shane to rub it in for ya xxxx

  4. Try it it's really good :) get Shane to rub it in for ya lol xxxx

  5. Lovely review! Im totally in love with S&G since buying some of their skincare! I think i might have to start buying shares with them soon, i will have so much of the stuff! I have some reviews of some of their skincare on my blog if you fancy reading :)

    Ps thankyou for blogging about my giveaway! Mwah! xxx