Friday, 22 June 2012

My lipstick Collection (drugstore)

Hiya Ladies, this post is on my lipstick collection. First off I just want to say that I dont have a huge collection nor do I have any high in lipsticks but I do love my collection and I think if you really look through your local Chemist or Drugstore you can find amazing lipsticks! This post is picture heavy and Ive made the pictures as big as I could so you can see them better. I hope you enjoy this and let me know of any lipsticks you think I should try or what your favourite lipsticks is!

Here is my first lipstick well lip butter actually. My lip butter is in the shade Cotton Candy. I really like this product as it makes me lips feel really moisturized and its so soft its like butter on your lips. The colour pay off is good for a lip butter as its name suggests its a candy pink but it leave such a beautiful sheen to your lips and is sort of multi coloured in different lighting. This lip butter is from the Revlon colourburst range.

This is another lip butter but as you can tell its from Loreal. I like this one but I'm not as in love with it as I am with my Revlon lip butter. I think maybe its because of the shade I choose. Its more like a clear lipstick with a hint of baby pink. Like the Revlon one it feels like butter on your lips and is very hydrating. I think I need to try a different shade. Let me know if you own any and what shade you think I might like.

This lipstick is from the brand UNE. I didnt buy this myself, my future sister in law got it for me. And I have to say its my most worn lipstick. Simply because its the same shade as my natural lips and I like that when I do my everyday makeup as I try to look as natural as possible but I like a polished look so this lipstick is great. Its also hydrating but not to  the same extent to the lip butters but it wont dry your lips out and it doesnt cling to dry patches on your lips. The only thing Im not a huge fan about is the smell of this lipstick it has that old granny lipstick smell but its not strong so I put up with it, and once its on your lips its fine.

Here are two 17 lipsticks from their mirror shine range. These lipsticks remind me alot of Revlons and L'oreals lip butters as there very moisturizing and feel like butter on your lips. The colour pay off on these lipsticks are good but not intense. I really like these as there more of your lips but better. I have them in the shades Belle and Beehive. I really like both shades but Bella is another favourite of mine as its another shade which is near to my own natural lip shade. One thing I will say bad about these is that they are not a good lipstick for being in your hand bag as do melt as you can see from my picture below.

On the left (Belle) and on the right (Beehive)

Here you have my natural collection lipstick I own three. I think for the price of these lipsticks there amazing and so pigmented. They have a good shade range and in Boots you can but all three for 7.50 or mix and match and get any 3 Natural Collection products for 7.50. Which is amazing value. These do tend to stick to any dry patches on the lips but other than that there amazing. I also love there lip glosses, I own them all.

Apple Blossom, Coral Shimmer and Pink Orchid

I'm a huge fan of the Kate Rimmel lipstick Collection. These lipsticks are so pigmented and creamy! They just glide on and leave a nice sheen to the lips. And the are quite long lasting. I have the two neutral shades. These are the perfect nudes in my opinion.

Shade 03 and Shade 08

Here are two more Rimmel Lipsticks which are also very pigmented and long lasting. I recieved Indulgence of my beautiful friend Lauren and I love it! Its so bright and beautiful for summer. Pink blush is the second one and its a beautiful baby pink. I love this with simple eyes as it is very bright.

Indulgence and Pink Blush

So there you have it my entire lipstick collection! I know its not much but I love it all the same. I really want to try some higher end lipsticks, so please let me know what your favourite high end lipstick is. Also I am sorry if some of the pictures arent true to colour as I took these at night and was only using a normal 60 watt light bulb as lightening. Please let me know what other post you would like to see from me. I love your feedback. Thanks for reading!
Lots of love,
                    Martina xxx


  1. I don't think I have tried 17 lipsticks before, love those blue packaging containers.

    1. Yeah there cute!!! And the lid actually stays on :) I hate it when cheaper brands lipsticks lids come off in your bag! Such a waste x

  2. Love your collection, you have a LOT of choice :-D
    I think the Rimmel one is my favorite, it looks like my own favorite color. And I love UNE, I have lipgloss and other make-up products from this brand and I love that they try to protect nature and animals. Great natural make-up!

    1. Thank you so much I didn't know that about the une brand. That makes me want to buy more of their products! Ohh I love me some lipgloss I must try some of theirs what's your favourite? X

  3. Thank you do much! I didn't know that about the une brand thanks for letting me know that makes me want to buy more of their products!!!! X

  4. Excellent selection!