Tuesday, 6 December 2011


What the product claims:

Model Co claims that by using this you will get a false lash effect without actually wearing fake lashes. It claims to make your lashes thicker and longer by using fibres.

What the product contains:

In the box you get the Extenstions black mascara (which contains 10ml fl oz)
The Lash fibres (which contains 0.02 oz)

How to use the product:

The directions on the back of the box says:

1) Apply one cut of Extensions Mascara to clean lashes, ensuring every lash is coated.

2) Now apply one coat of ModelCo's brush on Lash Fibres.

3) Finish off by applying another generous coat of black extensions mascara, gently moving the brush side to side with each stroke for maximum length and thickness.

My thoughts on the product:

I have to say I did enjoy this product. I loved the concept behind it. But I have to say I didnt notice a huge difference. My lashes did look thicker but not to the extent that I would buy this product again. I would not reccommend this product but in saying that, just because this didnt work for me doesnt say it wont for you. Im just extremely fussy about mascara and I like my lashes to look long and thick. This product made them slightly thicker but did nothing for the length. I think I will stick to my holy grail mascara which is the No7 Extreme Length mascara.

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